Monday, October 15, 2018

Versona and Vintner Wine Market

Guys, we had the most GORGEOUS weather here in Charlotte this past weekend.  It actually felt like fall and was completely tolerable to be outside for extended amounts of time.  Needless to say, I stayed busy this weekend and enjoyed it!  My weekend started off with some light shopping.  My girlfriend and I had every intention to head over to South Park Mall, but had a change of heart while we were driving.  She suggested we go check out Versona in Arboretum area.  I had remembered being at this place one other time years ago and had just never been back.  Y'all, what is wrong with me?  This place had soooo many amazing items from shoes, clothing, to accessories.  The best part?  All of their items were affordable and still maintained a high level of quality.  Below, I want to show you one of my favorite items I bought.

This hat is going to be a staple in my fall wardrobe!  I got the gray, but they had this in black, brown, and maroon!  I want them all.  Stop by a Versona near you and try one on-- you're going to buy it. :)

I also have to brag on the team specifically at Versona Arboretum.  They were so helpful!  I can be a "needy" client and ask about a thousand questions:

  • Does this look too small on me? 
  • Does this look okay? 
  • What would you pair with this? 
  • Does this look too scandalous? (yes, I ask that!)
These ladies were so pleasant, honest, and answered every single of my questions with a smile!  I ended up leaving, going for some tapas and cocktails, then came BACK because I wanted to buy another whole outfit to wear that night!  They had to think I was crazy for coming in two times in less than two hours, but they were so accommodating and helped me pull together an amazing outfit head to toe in under 15 minutes.  One of the pieces that stuck out specifically was this mustard corduroy skirt.  Y'all it's perfect for brunching with mimosas, a hat, a good turtle neck, and a pair of booties.  I wore it twice in three days have no shame!

Another place I want to mention is the cutest little wine bar a few stores down from Versona Arboretum.  This place is called Vintner Wine Market.  (Check them out here:   This place is perfect for a bottle of rose' and some tapas.  They also offer a ton of beers and wine for retail as well to take home with you.  If you are a craft beer lover, they've got you covered with 16 taps and 400+ bottles/cans.  We grabbed a bottle from their HUGE variety and ordered some appetizers to enjoy outside.

 Bottle of Lamberti Rose'
Hot Crab Dip 

Short Rib Flatbread *drool*  So darn good.

Okay, I'm getting hungry just looking at these!  If you find yourself in South Charlotte, definitely stop in to this place after you go shopping at Versona. :) 



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